China Cultural Night - Charm of Chengdu

China Cultural Night – Charm of Chengdu

Date: 24 September 2017 Time: 7pm – 10pm Venue: Fort Cornwallis Organised by the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Penang in collaboration with the Penang state Government, the China Cultural Night will take place on 24 September 2017 from 7pm at the Penang Fort Cornwallis. Themed “Charm of Chengdu”, the showcase at […]

Mid Autumn Festival 2017

Date: 4 October 2017 Events in Penang: 23 September, AutoCity 7 October, New World Park   The Lantern Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated widely by the Chinese community in Penang and is a time when family and friends gather together to admire the full moon while savouring Moon Cakes, Chinese Tea and parading […]

Nine Emperor Gods Festival 2017

Date: 20~28 October 2017 Venue: Various Places in Penang and Tow Boo Kong The Nine Emperor Gods Festival (Kew Ong Yeah) is celebrated on the 1st till the 9th day of the ninth month in the lunar calendar. It is celebrated for the spirirts of the Nine Gods to descend upon earth by possessing spirit mediums […]

Navratri Festival 2017

Date: 20~28 October 2017 Venue: various places in Penang The Navratri Festival is a Hindu religious festival similar to the Chinese Nine Emperor Gods Festival.  Devotees will pray to the Goddess Thurda, Goddess Laxmi and Goddess Sarawathy for 9 days for power, wealth and education. Chariot processions also take place on the final day of the […]

Penang Hungry Ghost Festival 2017

Date: 22 August to 19 September 2017 Venue: Along the streets of Penang The Hungry Ghost Festival which falls during the Seventh Lunar Month is celebrated on a grand scale in Penang. During this month, it is believed that the Gates of Hell are thrown open for spirits and ghosts from the netherworld to roam […]

Penang Coffee & Desserts Festival 2017

Date: 28 ~ 30 July 2017 Time: 10AM to 10PM Venue: Gurney Paragon Mall Competitions: Arabica Estate Asia Latte Art Championship 2017 Date: 29 July 2017 Time: 10am-8pm Venue: Gurney Paragon Mall Featuring over 50 exhibitors, including experts and pioneers showcasing the lifestyles of urban coffee and dessert scenes in Penang, the event will also […]

Butterworth Fringe Festival (BFF) 2017

Date: 12-13 August 2017 Main Venue: Jalan Jeti Lama An annual public and free street event celebrating art, heritage and culture.  To promote the development of both local and international art and culture by putting the spotlight on community and spaces. There are 35 events in 2 days in 1 town! Watch this video to […]

George Town Festival 2017

George Town Festival 2017

Date: 28 July ~ 3 September 2017 Penang’s most anticipated cultural festival, George Town Festival (GTF) celebrates George Town’s 2008 inscription as UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as Penang’s strong passion for local arts and entertainment. Fans of the previous GTF can anticipate theatre, music, art, dance, opera and film screenings through out the […]

St. Anne’s Festival 2017

Date: 21~30 July 2017 Venue: St. Anne’s Church, Bukit Mertajam   A 10-day prayer ritual that draws many believers from all walks of life. In conjunction with the annual St. Anne’s Festival, a candlelight procession is usually conducted at the church grounds during the night. Built in 1957, The Church of St. Anne, Bukit Mertajam is […]

George Town Heritage Celebrations 2017

Date : 8 July 2017 Time : 5PM – 10PM Venue : George Town World Heritage Site *Theme – Walk the Talk: Oral Traditions and Expressions George Town Heritage Celebrations 2017 will be held from 7 to 9 July 2017 in George Town World Heritage Site with the theme of “Walk the Talk: Oral Traditions […]