Car Boot Barter Trade 2016

Car Boot Barter Trade

Date: 26 March 2016
Time: 5PM to 9PM
Venue: Auto City Shop-In d’Park

Car Boot Barter Trade 2016

* To create awareness about Zero-Waste practices.
* To encourage reuse, reduce & recycle (3 R’s) in daily life.
* To educate the younger generation the meaning of appreciation.

The general public. Children below 5 years old must be accompanied by adults.

How To Barter Trade?
* Both parties shall agree with the items identified for trading.
* Items traded do not have to be equal value, but only to the trader’s content.
* Good must be checked on the spot to ensure that they are in an acceptable condition.
*Public who bring their recycle-able iterm such as paper and plastic, etc, will be entitled for FREE barter trade coupons.

Source: Official Facebook Event

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