George Town Heritage Celebrations 2016

George Town Heritage Celebrations 2016 – HELPERS needed!

Event dates:
7th of July (Thursday)
(** it is a public holiday! Second Day of Hari Raya Puasa & The 8th Anniversary of George Town as UNESCO World Heritage Site)
Time: When the Sun rises in the East
Location: Under A Roof… for now
– It is the all-important opening! A big and grand one! We need you!
– We are recruiting general volunteers on that day.

8th of July (Friday)
– Exclusive presentation from our friendly neighbour… not Spiderman, but Singapore
Location: Under A Roof… for now

9th of July (Saturday)
Time: 6pm to 11pm (call time will be at 3pm)
Location: Armenian Street, Chulia Street, Lebuh Acheh…
– It is a Street Event!!!!!
– We are recruiting Tukang Game, Crews & General Volunteers

George Town Heritage Celebrations 2016

George Town Heritage Celebrations 2016

George Town Heritage Celebrations will return this year from 7 to 9 July 2016 in conjunction with the 8th anniversary of George Town’s inscription as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With the colloquial-inspired theme of ‘Mai Main’, it will feature a dynamic line-up of traditional sports  and games from the multicultural community of George Town, with the heritage enclave as the backdrop.

Introductory Classes

A host of activities have been designed to fit both locals and visitors from all age groups. From 7 to 9 July, a series of ‘Introductory Classes’ that promotes general wellbeing such as yoga, tai chi, nillaikalakki silambam and silat kapi will be held and conducted by the various teachers of the communities they respectively represent. A minimal participation fee will be charged per person for each class, and children as well as adults are eligible to partake in these health-inspired routines.


Those who seek for comprehension on the stories and essentials of the traditional sports and games will be delighted to know that a forum will also be included as part of the programs on 8 July. Featuring prominent speakers from the local communities, the subjects of traditional sports and games will be conversed to shed light on its challenges in the face of modern times. Admission is free but interested attendees will be required to register ahead for the limited seats.


The showpiece of this year’s Heritage Celebrations, StreetFest, will take place around the old streets of George Town on 9 July 2016 from 6pm onwards. Locals and visitors will both be enthralled by the extensive array of activities from workshops on traditional sports and games to expressive street performances by martial art practitioners, and open courts as well as bazaars to appease one’s taste buds and inner shopaholics. It is up to the locals and visitors on how they make and play their game plan for the evening; everyone will be assured of something to experience amidst the historic setting of George Town World Heritage Site. George Town Heritage Celebrations 2016 is organised by George Town World Heritage

Incorporated with the endorsement of Penang State Government and supported by City Council of Penang Island, Penang Global Tourism, Malaysian National Commission for UNESCO, and George Town Festival.

For more information and further updates, you may check out their official website at or log on to their Facebook page at For enquiries, please contact Ms Koe Gaik Cheng at +604-261 6606 or drop an email to [email protected] for further assistance.


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