Malaysia announces movement restriction after spike in Covid-19 cases From 18 March to 31 March

Malaysia announces movement control order after spike in Covid-19 cases

Date: 16 March 2020

1. Government announces movement restriction from 18-31/3 through out the country.

2. This restriction includes cancellation of all religious activities, social activities. All religious houses closed except for groceries stores.

3. All Malaysian’s banned from travelling overseas. All Malaysians returning from overseas to be on self quarantine for 14 days.

4. Banning of all foreign tourists

5. Closure of all schools, kindergartens, public and international schools.

6. Closure of all universities and colleges.

7. Closure of all government and private offices excluding essential services such as water, post office, power, petrol station and TV, banks, ports, airports, groceries


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