Penang Anime Matsuri 2016

Date: 21&22 May 2016
Time & Venue 1: 9AM to 7PM (Dewan Sri Pinang)
Time & Venue 2: 5PM to 11PM (Padang Kota Lama)

Penang Anime Matsuri

Penang Anime Matsuri 2016 – Magical Summer!

– LiSA
– motsu x DJ KAYA
• Outdoor Concert 2 days ticket package
– RM180 for 2 days
– Grants access to outdoor concert area
– Inclusive of 21 AND 22 May 2016 (SAT AND SUN) Exhibition + Auditorium tickets
– Stand a chance to win artiste’s autographed postcard*
*Terms and conditions apply. Details to be announced soon!
• Outdoor Concert 1 day ticket
– RM100 per day
– Grants access to outdoor concert area
– Inclusive of 21 OR 22 May 2016 (SAT OR SUN) Exhibition + Auditorium ticket
• Indoor Exhibition + Auditorium
– RM15 per day
– Grants access to ONLY the Exhibition + Auditorium area
• Location: At the main entrance of Dewan Sri Pinang (Exhibition Hall)
• Time: from 10AM on 20 May 2016, from 8am on 21 May 2016
• General
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• Admission
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(b) submit to a search for items prohibited by the Provider. Prohibited items found may be confiscated or destroyed. The ticket holder shall observe all age, height or other entry restrictions, and all other terms and conditions of the Event, published on the official Event website and/or the venue.
Photography, audio and video recording and streaming is strictly prohibited at any time during the concert. The Provider may take photographs or recordings of the ticket holder at the Event and the ticket holder hereby consents to the use of his/her image or recording for any purpose. The Provider reserves the right to refuse entry or evict any person for violent, disruptive, abusive or inappropriate behavior, or if there is non-compliance with any of these terms and conditions and those stated within the Penang Anime Matsuri FAQ page, without refund.
• Cancellation, Re-scheduling & Changes
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This is a rain or shine event. No rain contingency plan will be carry out in the event of rain.

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