Seberang Perai Fiesta 2018

Date: 26~30 September 2018
Venue: Tapak Ekspo Seberang Jaya
Time: 10AM to 11PM
Entrance Fee: RM1 per person

Agrofest, Penang Food Festival and Artwave are the 3 categories in the fiesta.

Activities available are:

  • 100 traditional food stalls and trucks
  • Art exhibition (wooden sculpture, Figure Kasi, Mechanical Art, Art Khat..etc)
  • art contest (Canvas painting, Mural painting, coloring and stories for kids, etc)
  • Free haircut
  • Grafitti Festival
  • Electronic sports league
  • FIFA 2018 (PS4) football
  • Music & band performances
  • Technology Innovation
  • Fishing competition
  • Exhibition of Tuna fish, ornamental fish etc
  • FREE skate ride
  • Lucky draw
  • Other gifts

Post Author: Sharon Hoo