Penang Hill Festival 2019

Date: 18 Jul 2019 – 21 Jul 2019

Penang Hill Festival is BACK! Bigger and better than before from amidst a tropical rainforest which dates back more than 130 million years ago. Mark Your Calendars for an elaborate programme will be lined up for the Festival in July from 18-21. The events to be held in conjunction with the PHF will be angled to its central theme in celebration of its history, culture and nature. Amongst these are the following:

Photo Exhibition
(throughout the Festival: Jul 18-21)
Go through the pensive of time as you are warped back to the trails of yesteryear from rare collection of photographs of Penang Hill back in the day.

Photo Competition
(3 rd Day: Sat, 20 Jul 2019)
Nature Photography enthusiasts enjoy a morning on the Hill to take photographs of nature (animals, wildlife or flora and fauna). What’s better than indulging in your favourite hobby? Winning a prize for it of course.

Special Nature Walks
(Every morning 18-21 Jul, 2019 @ 8 am)
Explore the hidden gems of Penang Hill under the watchful guides of Nature Walk. Experience the Hill in a unique way that varies from the usual.

Environmental Education Workshops @ The Habitat
(Every morning 18-21 Jul, 2019 @ 9 am)
Learn and experience the book of life through Nature with Habitat’s Environment Education Workshops.

Music on the Hill: East Meets West
(Sat, 20 Jul:15.00-19.00 – Closing of the Penang Hill Festival)
Come feast your eyes and ears with the wonderfully unique Music on the Hill Concert where East meets West. Showcasing performances by none other than AGT 2014’s Sada Borneo.

The Habitat
(Everyday 18-21, Jul 2019)

Environment Education Workshops @ (9am-12pm)

Let’s Talk Nature @ (3pm-5pm)

Pg. Hill @ Night (8pm-10pm)

After Party @ Curtis Crest (8pm-10pm)

(Everyday 18-21, Jul 2019)

Nature Classroom
(Every morning 18-21 Jul, 2019 @ 9 am)

Nature Walk
(Everyday 18-21 Jul, 2019 @ 9.30 am, 11.30am, 14.30pm, 16.30pm)

Bird Watching with MNS
(Jul 18 & 20, 2019 @ 8am)

Wild roads with Langur Project
(Jul 19 & 21, 2019 @ 8am)

(Everyday 18-21 Jul, 2019 @ 10am)

TeaTalks @ Bellevue
(Jul 18,19,21 @ 4pm)

For more info, please call +604-828 8880 or email: [email protected]

Post Author: Sharon Hoo