Penang International Food Festival 2017

Date & Time: 15 – 30 April 2017
Venue: Various venues in Penang

Event List:
– Street Food Festival
Taste of Penang
Fringe Food Festival

Penang International Food Festival 2017

The Penang International Food Festival 2017 (PIFF 2017) celebrates the wondrous delicacies found in the Pearl of the Orient, showcasing the humble authenticity of its world-famous food. Penangites take immense pride in their food heritage and this is no wonder as we live in the food capital of Malaysia, and arguably of Southeast Asia. For 16 days, Penang will be a foodies’ paradise as the old and new will be brought together to sizzle and excite your palate the Penang way!

For starters, indulge in a piping hot bowl of Hokkien Mee for breakfast before feasting on the variety of curries at a Nasi Melayu outlet for lunch. Sip on a cup of coffee or tea while indulging in a piece of cake at the many modern and heritage cafes in town. You may often get into a state of dilemma having to choose your dinner venue from the range of cuisines and restaurants Penang has to offer. For late night grub, you can try either a plate of Nasi Kandar, a hot bowl of Sup Kambing or any of your favourite street food. This variety of choices in tastes and ambience is the Penang today, where the old and new coexist to provide unique and authentic experiences.

Food in Penang has long been extolled by many who have visited, including world-renowned chef and TV personality Anthony Bourdain and pastry chef Anna Olsen. From smoky Char Koay Teow to ice-cold Cendol, spicy and tangy Laksa to crispy Roti Canai, they all have a special spot in the hearts of those who have visited Penang.

The birth of Penang International Food Festival 2017 (PIFF 2017) will firmly establish Penang as a food capital, drawing foodies from near and far. Compared to other food festivals, the PIFF 2017 is here to offer the entire range of tastes, flavours and textures of Penang. From humble hawker stalls at the sidewalk to highly acclaimed restaurants, the festival promises a variety of cooking styles, giving you the chance to enjoy the best of Penang food. Not only will palates be satisfied, but knowledge will be broadened, as exhibitions and performances are scheduled to explain the cultural origins of dishes available in Penang.

To present this, events will be carried out so we can once again have the chance to “Savour the Past”, “Enjoy the Present” and “Relish the Future.” There will be separate events to showcase the extensive variety of food available in Penang, as well as to reflect how food was, is, and will continue to be an important part of of what makes Penang Asia’s food capital.

Be it street food or fine dining, traditional cuisine or fusion, Penang never fails to satisfy your taste buds. Come and experience the best of the food scene in Penang at PIFF 2017, where it’ll take you on a journey to discover the sizzling unique sights, tastes, sounds and aroma Penang has to offer.

This year, Penang International Food Festival Themed Past, Present and Future.

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